Habitu: A PRS Platform 

Habitu is a business line of Syrena Real Estate, and the first building located in Warsaw, included in the portfolio of the new PRS platform, has been fully leased within two months.

The company has announced intensive development of Habitu mainly in the capital city but also in other Polish cities. Syrena plans to offer three thousand units on its PRS platform within five years. Habitu’s development strategy provides for expansion of the brand primarily in Warsaw but also  in Gdańsk, Wrocław, and Kraków. Discussions are currently underway with a view to acquiring further projects for its portfolio. The properties under consideration are located outside the city centre but in the vicinity of office districts or perfectly connected to them by public transport. Habitu’s offer is dedicated primarily to young professionals: singles and couples developing their careers.

“Institutional rental is a branch of business for our company, which we will systematically develop through the Habitu brand.  The company’s long-term strategy envisions having 10,000 residential units in our portfolio within the next 5 years The development of the new business line is the responsibility of one of the most experienced specialists in the industry, Artur Kaźmierczak,”

says Witold Zatoński, Partner at Syrena Real Estate.

The inaugural residential investment under the Habitu brand, dedicated to institutional leasing, has been operational since October 2022. Most of the units, as much as 80%, have been rented by foreigners employed in Warsaw, with Poles making up the remaining 20%. The building’s tenants represent as many as 20 nationalities from five continents.. Habitu units are rented mainly by IT sector professionals, who account for half of all tenants at Wolska 171. The flats are more often rented by men, who account for as many as 2/3 of all tenants. Some units are rented by companies for their employees.

Located at the intersection of Goleszowska and Wolska Streets in Warsaw, the property with a total leasable area of 3,000 sq.m. offers 116 units. They are all fully furnished, equipped with the necessary appliances and air-conditioning, and ready to move in. On the ground floor of the building, there is also a dental and orthodontic clinic operated by Lux Med

“Habitu is the next step in the development of our company as we are constantly expanding our portfolio of investments and new projects. When creating the  PRS platform, we want to focus mainly on priority aspects from the tenant’s point of view, such as convenient location, good access, proximity to public transport, modern design, functionality or maximum usable space of the premises. The flats from Habit meet the needs of young, ambitious people from different regions of the world who are developing their careers. The  investment in Warsaw’s Wola districtoffers the comfort of living in a modern building located in a business district of the city, as well as a sense of security in terms of formalities. Stable and high rental rate confirms that this offer hits the market needs”, says Artur Kaźmierczak, Partner at Syrena Real Estate.

According to PwC’s report on the PRS market in Poland, the total number of leasable properties in Poland is 1.21 million units, with the units available on the PRS market still representing a fraction of all leasable residential properties at around 0.62%. The current stock of PRS properties in Poland is around 7,400 units, with another 12,000 units under construction. Warsaw is by far the largest urban market and its total offering exceeds all other regional markets. Warsaw offered 3,500 PRS units with a further 6,000 units under construction as at the end of June 2022.